Nothing brings out the fun like Leisure hire’s range of giant games. Good for adults and children alike, these games will provide hours of fun at any party, fun day or corporate event.

Leisure hire’s games are a great way of getting everyone involved in a relaxed and informal environment. With a mixture of activities it ensures an intense buzz of team competitiveness and enjoyment.

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Air Hockey table

Leisure hire’s Air Hockey tables are a great addition to any party or event, when you hire the Air Hockey table you’re sure to find it’s a fast and fun game guaranteed to bring out the competitive side in you.


Badminton court

Badminton is England’s most popular racket sport. While tennis hogs most of the limelight on TV, it is badminton which takes the gold medal when it comes to the number of participants, so why not join in yourself and hire our badminton court for outdoor use.



Boules or petanque as the French would call it, is a superb game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The aim of the game is simple, roll the metal balls as close as possible to the target ball or jack, the player who rolls their ball nearest to the target ball is the winner!

Cactus Lasso

Cactus Lasso

Simple but very addictive!

Can you get the Lasso rope over the cactus?

Cactus Lasso is a great fun game for those western themed parties!!



Croquet is one of the oldest games still played to this day dating back to the mid 1800’s.

Croquet is a sport that involves hitting your colour ball through the metal hoops.

Giant Chess

Giant Chess

The age old game in a giant format!

Giant Chess is perfect for summer parties, BBQ’s, pub gardens and other outdoor events.

Not only does Giant Chess look good it is also highly practical allowing players of all ages to learn and enjoy Chess in a unique way.

Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4

Strategy, skill and of course luck combine in this giant version of this well-known game.

Giant Connect 4 will bring hours of fun to any party or event, regardless of whether it’s the children or the adults!

Our Giant Connect 4 is a great addition to any event, Why not treat your guests to our Giant Connect 4.

Giant Draughts

Giant Draughts

Two people compete to become the ultimate Draughts champion in this large version of the hugely popular game. The aim of the game is simple as you try to capture all of your opponents 12 pieces. Only able to move diagonally forward, it can be a tough journey to the opposite side of the board where your piece will then be ‘kinged’, allowing for the real thrills to begin as you are free to move diagonally all over the board.


Giant Hand Steady

Our Giant hand steady game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days.

The aim of the game is, using the looped wand very carefully move around the hand from one side to the other, without touching the hand. At the start of each game, the player has 3 lives which are displayed by the illuminated lights which are on the top of the base unit.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Just carefully pull one piece out of anywhere on the tower and place it on the top then let the next person try, just keep going for as long as you can. If it topples over on their turn then they lose.

It’s up to your skill to see how high you can build the tower before it topples over.


Giant Noughts and Crosses

Our Giant Noughts and Crosses game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days.

A classic game of skill that’s fun to play with family and friends!

Giant Operation

Giant Operation

The very latest operation style game built on a truly giant scale. The operating table is host to a crazy surgical challenge.


Giant Quoits

A classic traditional game for indoors and outdoors alike. Great for all ages, requires skill and accuracy, where everyone can compete on equal terms.


Giant Scalextric

Are you the next Lewis Hamilton? Our Giant scalextric tracks work exceptionally well for all events. Whether it is a product launch, team building, corporate event or just some after dinner entertainment, giant scalextric offers a unique way to entertain your guests, allowing them to interact and mingle. Based on the old childhood favourite, everyone remembers racing scalextric cars from their childhood. The action is fast and furious, and you will need to show flair and a great deal of control, to ensure that your car is first to the chequered flag.


Giant Shove Ha’penny

Our Giant Shove Ha’penny is a pub classic. Two players or teams compete against one another using coins or discs on a tabletop board.

Our Giant Shove Ha’penny is a great addition to any event. Why not treat your guests to our Giant Shove Ha’penny.


Giant Snakes and Ladders

This giant version of the traditional board game puts the players right in the heart of the game where they act as the counters moving up the ladders and down the snakes.

Our Giant snakes and ladders game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days.


Giant Twister

You’ll find yourself in some awkward positions as up to 16 of you and your friends find yourself twisting and turning, trying to reach your right hand for that red spot and your left foot for that green spot.


Gold Cup Horse Racing Game

Our Gold Cup horse racing game is an exciting and energetic game for 4 players that is an essential part of any race night event!


Grabber Crane

Use your skill to manoeuvre the grabber over your target, push the button and watch the grabber try and recover your target.

THE Grabber Crane is perfect for exhibitions and exhibition stand ideas!!

High Striker

High Striker

The High Striker is as old as they come and originates from the old style Victorian fayre’s, still hugely popular at any event and ideal for Corporate Fun, Parties and Fun Days. Test your strength and ring the bell on the traditional style strikers. All the fun of the fair is exactly what a high striker will do.


Rounders Set

Rounders is a great addition to your sports day, company picnic or fun event, Rounders is a game that everyone knows how to play and can be played by all ages and abilities together with very little organisation or explaining required. Rounders is played between two teams each alternating between batting and fielding.


Skittle Alley

Our traditional styled mobile skittle alley measures approximately 20ft by 3ft 6 inches wide, comes with 9 quality hard wooden skittles and 3 resin balls. There is also a foam cushioned buffer in the ball/skittle catch area to absorb the impact of the balls, skittles and also the noise level. Being sectional our mobile skittle alley can also be made shorter if space is limited.