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5 Gold Rings Christmas Hoopla Hire

A Christmas take on the fairground side stall classic Hoopla! Can you get all 5 Gold rings over the Christmas trees to bag yourself a prize! All our side stalls come with smartly dressed enthusiastic staff to hand out prizes and give expert advice. Our side stalls are a great Christmas party idea to theme up your next event!

6 Player Table Football Exhibition Stand Attraction Hire

Table football is a fun and fast game perfect for your Exhibition Stand. Our 6 Player professional Table Football looks fantastic and is a great way to keep guests entertained at your Exhibition. Why not take on new and existing clients on the Table Football to lighten the mood and interact with delegates. Table Football is also referred to as Table Soccer, Foosball and Table Top Football.

80’s Themed Games

Here at Leisure hire we have a huge selection of 80’s Themed Games to hire for your event.

Ranging from our Air Hockeys to our 80’s Themed Batak or one of our Table top Space Invader games, we have a great selection to choose from.

80’s Themed Photo Booth Hire

An 80’s themed Photo Booth is the perfect addition to your next themed event. Whether your guests are dressed up in 80’s themed costumes or not, we supply all of the wacky wigs and snazzy shades that will bring your photos that 1980’s groove! When you hire an 80’s themed Photo Booth from Leisure Hire your guests will be transported to the past as they take their pictures in front of our 80’s groovy green screen with a classic 1980’s style backdrop. Our 80’s themed Photo Booth also comes complete with rope barriers and a red carpet leading up to the entrance of your Photo Booth.

Activity Fun RunActivity Fun Run

Activity Fun Run

A showstopper at any party. Our long Activity Fun Run fits perfectly into most gardens. With a fully webbed bounce bed, biff and bash and an exciting slide finale, you cannot beat our Activity fun run.

Our Activity fun run is a great addition to any party, Leisurehire Activity fun runs are available to hire across the UK and Europe.

Air Hockey table

Leisure hire’s Air Hockey tables are a great addition to any party or event, when you hire the Air Hockey table you’re sure to find it’s a fast and fun game guaranteed to bring out the competitive side in you.

Air Hockey table indoor

Our Air Hockeys are a great fast and fun addition to make your team building event a success. Two people go head to head as they try to be the first to score ten goals against their opposition. The players use the paddles to knock the puck along the surface of the table, which is covered with holes to allow air to flow through from the fan underneath, each time a goal is scored the players swap allowing the whole team to participate.

Alpine Batak

Our Alpine themed Batak is perfect for Christmas parties and events. The game tests your hand eye co-ordination and reactions. The game features 12 LED lights that flash randomly over 60 seconds each time you hit one it goes out and another lights up in its place, It’s sure to bring out the competitive edge in all of your guests as they compete to get the highest score of the party! We can even supply a top gear style scoreboard to keep track of the scores.

Alpine Ski Simulator

Leisure hire’s Alpine Ski simulator is a checkpoint-style racing game, featuring realistic physics, unique controls and an unusual genre for a racing game. It features three separate courses and your choice of speed or gate racing.

When you start the game, you can choose any skier of different skiing styles (Racing, Mogul, or Freestyle), then you choose which course of various difficulty to race on. Once you start the race, you have to ski as fast as you can, reaching checkpoints to extend time.

Space Invaders HireSpace Invaders Hire

Arcade Classic Exhibition Stand Attraction Hire

The Arcade Classic is a great game to hire for any Exhibition Stand. The delegates on your Exhibition Stand will get the chance to relive the 80’s with 7 classic games in one machine. Pac Man, Frogger, Pong, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Centipede and Space Invaders with a choice of one or two players. The Arcade Classic only takes up 3ft x 3ft which optimises space on your exhibition stand floor while still giving a quirky attraction to your stand.


Fancy yourself as a modern day Robin Hood? Then this is the outdoor pursuit for you! When you’re considering outdoor activities, archery is a sport for everyone, and our qualified, highly experienced instructors are able to tutor everyone, regardless of age, height, fitness or disabilities. We can run one on one archery lessons, or have multiple archery games to suit your event.

Around the World Photo Booth Hire

Our Around the World Photo Booth takes your guests on a journey as they try on different themed props from Mexican sombrero’s to Moroccan fez’s and everything in-between. The Around the World Photo Booth also comes complete with a green screen featuring an assortment of destinations around the world including the pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal and even the Eiffel tower. The Photo Booth hire includes a red carpet and also rope barriers.

Axe Throwing Hire

Fancy yourself as a modern day Viking? Then Axe Throwing Hire is this is the outdoor pursuit for you! Axe Throwing is a sport for everyone our highly experienced instructors are able to tutor all. Axe Throwing is the perfect activity for Fundays and Team Building, our staff will count up the scores and collect the axes as you try to perfect your aim! How many bullseyes can you get? Leisure hire’s Axe Throwing is available to hire across the UK and Europe.

Axe Throwing Hire Outdoor

Axe throwing is a fun and interactive outdoor Team Building activity which you can guarantee your guests have never done before! Our Team Building coordinators will teach you to make the axe stick in the wood then we start a competition the team who gets the most amount of bullseyes on the target are crowned the true Vikings!

Our Axe Throwing is for hire all year round, so why don’t you ring one of our sales team today to hire our Axe Throwing.

Badminton court

Badminton is England’s most popular racket sport. While tennis hogs most of the limelight on TV, it is badminton which takes the gold medal when it comes to the number of participants, so why not join in yourself and hire our badminton court for outdoor use.

Ball In BucketBall In Bucket

Ball in Bucket

What looks like the easiest game is possibly the hardest and most frustrating! A fairground classic ball in a bucket is a true test of skill can you throw the ball and get it to stay in one of the three buckets without it rolling out?