Team Building is an essential part of enhancing relationships within your company or creating new contacts with clients invited to your Team Building events. At Leisure Hire we believe that the best way to interact with your colleagues is to do something interactive, new and exciting that’s why we like to inject as much fun as possible into your function. From relay racing through our giant inflatable amazon themed obstacle course to cutting up the corners on our giant 8 Lane Scalextric or even testing your skills on our new Total Wipeout themed Last One Standing and Giant Hungry Hippos. There is something for everyone with one of the largest indoor and outdoor selections of Team Building activities and games in the U.K, Leisure Hire isn’t an agency outsourcing equipment our whole Team Building catalogue is available in-house direct from us. Browse our selection of both Indoor and Outdoor Team Building activities and create a bespoke package for your next event.

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Air Hockey table indoor

Our Air Hockeys are a great fast and fun addition to make your team building event a success. Two people go head to head as they try to be the first to score ten goals against their opposition. The players use the paddles to knock the puck along the surface of the table, which is covered with holes to allow air to flow through from the fan underneath, each time a goal is scored the players swap allowing the whole team to participate.

Batak Extreme Hire

The Batak Extreme is a fast game which tests your “hand eye” co-ordination and the speed of your reaction perfect for team building. The game incorporates two players from two different teams going `head to head` trying to hit as many lights in the 30 second time limit. One of our members of staff will add up the teams total score on our leader board to work out which team has the fastest reactions! Having two players competing at the same time gives a real-time visual competitive element to the Batak Extreme as your guests cheer each other on and the scores accumulate to find the competitor with the fastest reactions!

Batak Pro Hire

The Batak is a fast speed reaction game perfect to hire for team building events. During the sixty second game, twelve white cluster LED’s will flash on randomly. The player must respond by hitting them, thus putting them out as fast as possible whilst the time ticks away. The score mounts up on the integral electronic score board. One of our events team will add up your teams accumulative score to see which team has the fastest reactions!

Beer Pong Hire Indoor

Made famous in Americas colleges Leisure Hire’s Beer Pong tables are a great addition to your next event to make a great team building package. When you hire the Beer Pong table you’re sure to find it a fast and fun game, guaranteed to bring out the competitive side in you. Each team has 10 cups set out in a triangle formation. The players take turns in trying to throw or bounce a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cup on the other side of the table. When a ball lands in a cup the defending team member must remove the cup from the triangle the team who eliminates all the opposing team cups wins!

Cash Cube 1

Cash Cube Hire Indoor

Hire your very own Cash Cube from Leisure Hire for your next event!  This is the perfect game for team building functions each player takes turns to grab as much cash as they can whilst our event coordinator adds up your teams accumulative scores.Once you enter the Cash Cube the digital clock counts down from 30 the fan activates and the cash starts to fly! It’s a test of reactions and skill as you try to grab as many winning tickets as you can inside the 30 second time limit! We can print bespoke money or tickets prior to your event to enable added branding to your function.

Dartboard Hire

Darts is a traditional pub game that is enjoyed by everybody, it can make an essential part of an indoor team building package as your teammates try to hit 180! Here you can bring the magic of the darts hall to your next Team Building event with our Dartboards. Stylish looking, our mobile dartboards are self supporting. The dartboards themselves are tournament standard, and are supplied with a surround and a safety backdrop. All our dartboards are also supplied with a rubber oche mat.

Giant 8 Lane Scalextric Hire Indoor

Our Giant Scalextric has 8 lanes so two teams can race simultaneously with 4 drivers from each team on either side of the track. Our integrated lap counting system keeps track of the fastest drivers fastest times making it a great team building activity. Giant scalextric offers a unique way to entertain your guests, everyone remembers racing scalextric cars from their childhood. The action is fast and furious, and you will need to show flair and a great deal of control, to ensure that your car is first to the chequered flag.

Giant Connect 4Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4 Hire

Strategy, skill and of course luck combine in this giant version of this well-known game, everyone knows the classic of connect 4 which makes it a great addition for your next Team Building event.

Our Giant Connect 4 is a great addition to any event, Why not treat your guests to our Giant Connect 4.

Giant Jenga Hire

Just carefully pull one piece out of anywhere on the tower and place it on the top then let the next person try, just keep going for as long as you can. If it topples over on their turn then their team lose a classic Team Building activity for your next event.

It’s up to your skill to see how high you can build the tower before it topples over.

Indoor Laser Shoot Hire

If you don’t fancy braving the elements outside, why not try laser shooting inside? Featuring authentic converted double barrelled shotguns and light sensitive targets with an integrated electronic scoreboard this activity makes a great showpiece for your event.

Mindball Hire

Mindball is unique – a game like no other. That’s why it is a crowd puller – people have to see what is going on.

So how does it work? Mindball is an electronic Zen table game

Roll a Ball Racing Hire

Our brand new Roll a Ball Racing game is a fast paced dynamic game which involves 4 players going head to head. Each player makes their racing model move as fast as possible along the track by rolling coloured balls into the target holes.

Skittle Alley Hire

A Skittle alley is a classic team building activity two teams compete head to head trying to knock down as many skittles as possible. Our traditional styled mobile skittle alley measures approximately 20ft by 3ft 6 inches wide, comes with 9 quality hard wooden skittles and 3 resin balls. There is also a foam cushioned buffer in the ball/skittle catch area to absorb the impact of the balls, skittles and also the noise level. Being sectional our mobile skittle alley can also be made shorter if space is limited.

Table Football Hire

Table Football is a classic activity to hire for your next Team Building event, two players play from two different teams head to head trying to score as many goals as possible. Our Table Footballs are the perfect addition to a host of other game stations for a high energy Team Building function.