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Gladiator Joust

Based on the hit TV Show the Gladiator Joust is a very popular piece of equipment at any event. Giant pugil sticks are used to try and knock your opponent off their podium onto a very large inflatable mattress. Protective head gear and neck braces are warn for extra safety and to try and soften them blows!

Human RouletteHuman Roulette

Human Roulette

The Human roulette has been voted one of our wildest games. It has a numbered inflatable surrounding the disk. Somebody will sit on the disk trying to hold on for as long as possible while everybody who is watching can also have some fun betting what number he/she will land or when he/she falls off.

This Human roulette is perfect for a casino themed evening but always a big hit at any event it’s at.

Human Table Football

Human table football is a outrageously hilarious game of 5-a-side Football with a difference! Participants are strapped to sliders, which in turn are attached to poles, which only allow side-to-side movement and attempt to play football. Our referee will add to the fun with their giant red & yellow cards and terrible decision-making.

From London to Lyon this equipment has been all over Europe for corporate events, exhibitions and Football Clubs.

Ideal for Fun days, Team Building and Competitions.

Inflatable Helter Skelter Hire

Bring all the fun of the fair to your next event with our giant inflatable Helter Skelter ride. In traditional red and white stripes climb up the stairway and slide down to the bottom over and over again, this activity is a great addition to a fun fair themed event alongside our side stalls.

Event TentEvent Tent

Inflatable Marquee

A well presented blue and silver inflatable Marquee that can be used for many different purposes at your event.

It is ideal for housing various games such as a Rodeo Bull, Scalextric, Surf Machine or even up to 5 Arcade Simulators.

18ft tall and 35ft diameter, the Inflatable Marquee is a different and impressive piece of equipment that will stand out at your event.

Kangaroo BoxingKangaroo Boxing

Kangaroo Boxing

Kangaroo Boxing is a crazy game will provide players and spectators with hours of amusement. Two players dressed in padded Kangaroo suits with over sized gloves attempt to box. Knock your opponent out of the ring or to the floor to score a point.

Last One Standing Hire

The Last One Standing Hire is as close as you are going to get to appearing on Total Wipe Out without being on the telly! Hire the Last One Standing as a perfect activity for team building or fun days. After a short brief from one of our experienced staff up to 8 guests can take their spot on one of the 8 sections of the Last One Standing inflatable. Once the guests are psyched up our staff member will count down then start to operate a pedal powered sweeper arm in the centre of the Last One Standing. The players must bounce over the inflatable arm as it rotates around Last One Standing, once a player is hit by the arm they must step out of the game until there is only ‘The Last One Standing’ left! Our operator will be doing his best to get the players out by speeding up the arm, slowing down and changing directions at random!

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a wacky version of the real thing. Step up and slot the ball past the goalkeeper, as Thierry Henry would do then take your turn to bounce around as the goalie. This activity is a welcome addition to any sporting or football themed event but just as effective at any Fun Day or Team Building event.

Pulsar Laser Quest

Pulsar Laser Quest

If you want some action why not call down our laser ship. Up to 10 players enter the inflatable armed with the latest laser guns. After a briefing they enter a huge 40 foot square inflatable maze containing nine interlinked chambers with smog and pulsating lighting effects. Once within, battle is joined as opponents try to zap each other. Guns shoot a visible stream of light and electronic sound effects add to the excitement. Suitable for all ages from about five years to adult and a definite adrenaline booster and talking point for ages after the days activity.

Radar Soccer

Radar Soccer

Now you can see just how powerful you are. Set in an inflatable ‘Sports Arena’ participants blast the ball into the arena to determine the speed of their strike! The radar will capture your strike in m.p.h or k.p.h and instructors are on hand to ensure no cheating takes place!

Snowboard Simulator

Snowboard Simulator

Your alpine event would not be complete without this testing snowboard simulator. Now people of all ages can try their hand at snowboarding in the comfort and safety of a large inflatable surround. Realistic board movements, the operator ensures this snowboard can challenge anyone. Even the most accomplished snowboarder!

Soccer Darts Hire

Our Giant Inflatable Dart Board is truly something to behold standing at a whopping 15 ft high this outdoor activity will stand out on any event.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

This crazy game will provide players and spectators with hours of amusement. Two players dressed in padded Sumo Suits attempt knock their opponent out of the ring or to the floor to score a point. Our referee will ensure fair play at all times and that there’s no kicking or biting!

Helmets and neck braces are worn for added extra safety.

It’s something very different for your event!

The Sumo Wrestling suits makes the perfect addition to any event.

Surfboard Simulator

Enjoy the thrills and spills of the high, stormy waves on our life-size Surfboard Simulator, with only one real difference… you won’t get wet!!!

Lots of balance is essential for this machine. Players stand on the genuine surfboard, which moves to stimulate wave motions. The beach themed inflatable provides a cushioned landing for when the waves get to large.