Team Building is an essential part of enhancing relationships within your company or creating new contacts with clients invited to your Team Building events. At Leisure Hire we believe that the best way to interact with your colleagues is to do something interactive, new and exciting that’s why we like to inject as much fun as possible into your function. From relay racing through our giant inflatable amazon themed obstacle course to cutting up the corners on our giant 8 Lane Scalextric or even testing your skills on our new Total Wipeout themed Last One Standing and Giant Hungry Hippos. There is something for everyone with one of the largest indoor and outdoor selections of Team Building activities and games in the U.K, Leisure Hire isn’t an agency outsourcing equipment our whole Team Building catalogue is available in-house direct from us. Browse our selection of both Indoor and Outdoor Team Building activities and create a bespoke package for your next event.

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Axe Throwing Hire Outdoor

Axe throwing is a fun and interactive outdoor Team Building activity which you can guarantee your guests have never done before! Our Team Building coordinators will teach you to make the axe stick in the wood then we start a competition the team who gets the most amount of bullseyes on the target are crowned the true Vikings!

Our Axe Throwing is for hire all year round, so why don’t you ring one of our sales team today to hire our Axe Throwing.

Bungee Run

Bungee Run Hire

The Bungee Run is an exciting inflatable ideal for injecting fun into your next outdoor Team Building event. A player from each team is strapped into the Bungee the two players compete head to head trying to run as far down their lane and place the Velcro pad down. The lanes are numbered the further your run the higher the number of points scored our events assistant will add up the accumulative score to find out who the ultimate Bungee Run champions are!

Giant Hungry Hungry Hippos Hire

The Giant Hungry Hippos is a Inflatable take on the classic children’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos but your team mates become the hippos! 2 players from each team are strapped into the bungee cords, once the whistle is blown each team member has to run in to the centre of the inflatable and try to grab as many coloured balls as possible and then deposit them in the bag behind them. The team with the most amounts of coloured balls in their bags is declared the Giant Hungry Hippo’s champion! This is an original quirky activity for your next outdoor Team Building event.

Giant Inflatable Volleyball

Giant Inflatable Volleyball Hire

Our Giant Inflatable beach themed Volleyball Court is one of our most impressive inflatable’s and perfect for your next Team Building event. Two teams of 5-a-side will bounce around while trying to knock the ball back over the net. Our referee will add to the fun with their flexible rules. Inflatable palm trees in each corner and the bright yellow base give the feeling of playing on the beach. This eye-catching Giant inflatable volleyball court has a 45ft by 20ft inflatable that will enhance any event, from Corporate Functions to Family Fun Days and is perfect for Team Building.

Gladiator Joust Hire

The Gladiator Joust is a great attraction for your next Team Building event, Giant pugil sticks are used to try and knock your opponent off their podium onto a very large inflatable mattress. The team who manages to stay on for the longest amount of time is the winner! Protective head gear and neck braces are warn for extra safety and to try and soften them blows!

Human Table Football

Human Table Football Hire

Human table football is a game of 5-a-side with a difference, perfect for Team Building events!  Each team are strapped to sliders, which in turn are attached to poles, which only allow side-to-side movement and attempt to play football. The team who scores the most amount of points is the winner this is a great game for outdoor Team Building days.

Ideal for Fun days, Team Building and Competitions.

Last One Standing Hire Outdoor

The Last One Standing is one of our newest inflatables, similar to the TV show Total Wipeout this game is always a big hit at outdoor Team Building events. 4 players from each team can take part at a time standing on one of the 8 numbered circles. The aim of the game is to jump over the spinning yellow inflatable arm which speeds up slows down and changes direction! The team with their player left as the last one standing has won and is declared the Total Wipeout Team Building champion.

Outdoor Laser Clay Hire

Our Outdoor Laser Clay Pigeon shooting is a sport which is highly competitive and great for team building events. The players use a modified shotgun to fire an infra-red beam at clays launched from a conventional clay launcher whenever a trigger is pulled, the Laser Clay Pigeon control module/scoreboard generates the shotgun ‘bang’ and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay. Teams go head to head trying to score as many points as possible the team with the sharpest shooters win the round, a perfect game for your next outdoor Team Building event.

Penalty Shootout Hire

This Penalty Shootout inflatable can make up part of an exciting outdoor Team Building package. One teams players take turns to score as many goals as possible from the penalty spot against the over teams goalies then they switch sides! The team with the most amount of goals wins this is a great game for a football themed Team Building package and goes great alongside the Human Table Football.

The Penalty Shootout makes the perfect addition to any football themed event.

Pulsar Laser Quest Hire

What better to make your next Team Building event a hit than our Inflatable Laser Quest! Two teams enter the dome with their laser guns once the game starts the teams have to try to shoot as many of the opposition as they can without being shot! Once the game ends the Team Building instructor will add up the scores of the players as they exit the arena and add them up whichever team has the highest score wins the round! This impressive inflatable is always a huge success at Team Building functions and your guests will love getting the chance to run around and shoot each other in the dark!

Rodeo Bull Hire

A Bucking Bronco is a wild addition to your next Team Building event! The mechanical bucking bronco spins, twists and turns and will eventually throw you off. Our fully trained operator controls the Bull using our specially designed programs that ensure safety & fairness for all participants. The Rodeo Bull has a integrated timer which stops when the participants fall off, each team takes turns to attempt to stay on the Bronco as long as possible, the team with the highest accumulative score wins!

Soccer Darts Hire

Our Giant Inflatable Dart Board is truly something to behold standing at a whopping 15 ft high this outdoor activity will stand out on any event.

Surfboard Simulator Hire

Want to learn to ride the waves without getting wet? Our Surfboard Simulator is an awesome addition to any Team Building event. Team members compete head to head against the opposing team trying to stay on the real surfboard as long as possible! The team who stays on the longest wins, this is a great activity for any outdoor Team Building day.

Target Football Hire 1Target Football Hire 1

Target Football Hire Outdoor

It’s harder than it looks! Guests step forward and try to shoot as many balls as they can through the different sized holes scoring points as they go on this fast paced Team Building activity! As each team member steps up there scores are added up by one of our Team Building coordinators whichever team has the most points wins!

Hiring the Target Football is a fantastic addition to any sporting themed event you have in mind.