Our fairground stalls are unique, each one is visually striking with bright banners to draw your guests in to play and can be used inside or out.

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Ball In BucketBall In Bucket

Ball in Bucket

What looks like the easiest game is possibly the hardest and most frustrating! A fairground classic ball in a bucket is a true test of skill can you throw the ball and get it to stay in one of the three buckets without it rolling out?

Coconut ShyCoconut Shy

Coconut Shy

Everybody loves a coconut shy! Probably the most well known of all our side stalls, it is a game all ages can enjoy. Have you got the skill and the precision to knock off a coconut from its stand and take it home with you?

Cork ShootCork Shoot


The Corkshoot or tin can alley as it’s sometimes referred is a western themed side stall shooting game. Each player is given a cork gun and corks, the aim of the game is to try and shoot down as many tin cans as possible. It takes a lot of skill and a good aim to try and hit down the highest amount of cans.

Hook A DuckHook A Duck

Hook A Duck

The hook a duck is a fairground stall classic! The rubber ducks are pushed around the duck pond with real flowing water only a few are marked with a ‘W’ (for win) can you find your luck and hook the right duck! Up to 4 players can play at once, each person who hooks a winning duck at your event will win a prize.



All the fun of the fair this classic fairground stall is always a great hit at functions.

Inflatable Helter Skelter Hire

Bring all the fun of the fair to your next event with our giant inflatable Helter Skelter ride. In traditional red and white stripes climb up the stairway and slide down to the bottom over and over again, this activity is a great addition to a fun fair themed event alongside our side stalls.