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Basketball Inflatable

Just like our other Inflatables, let your guests have fun sinking baskets and scoring hoops with the Basketball Inflatable. Ideal for all fun days and Corporate events… could you be the next Michael Jordan?

Twin Basketball Game

Twin basketball game is complete with automatic digital scoring & sound effects. the aim of the game is simple, the 2 players try to score as many baskets as they can in 60 seconds. All baskets are digitally counted and the digital timer keeps track of the time.

Twin Basketball Game is a fun and fast game, and looks fantastic. It is a great way to keep guests entertained at your event or party.

Twin Basketball Game Hire

What better way to impress your colleagues than by shooting some hoops on our Twin Basketball game. Each of the  players from two teams race head to head against the clock trying to score as many hoops as possible in their 60 second time limit, the team that has the highest accumulative score is pronounced the winner of this team building activity. What makes this a great game for team building is that the score counts up as the players score baskets so their other teammates can cheer them on as they compete!