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Grabber Crane

Use your skill to manoeuvre the grabber over your target, push the button and watch the grabber try and recover your target.

THE Grabber Crane is perfect for exhibitions and exhibition stand ideas!!

Grabber Crane Exhibition Stand Attraction Hire

The Grabber Crane is an arcade classic and the perfect attraction for exhibition stands. It is a brilliant promotional too as you can fill the target balls with anything your company likes! It can even pick up branded cuddly toys for you guests to take home with them.

Roll a Ball Racing Exhibition Hire

Our brand new Roll a Ball Racing game is a fast paced dynamic game which involves 4 players going head to head. Each player makes their racing model move as fast as possible along the track by rolling coloured balls into the target holes.

Ski Simulator Exhibition Stand Attraction

The Super Alpine Racer is a modern high definition remake of the Alpine Ski, a classic arcade ski simulator. Featuring a vertical 55” screen, as you hit the slopes and fly over jumps the mountains look stunning in the background! There are even fans blowing air into the racers face as they throw themselves down the mountain to create a real sensation of speed. Why not book a pair of Super Alpine Racers so your guests can race head to head. This sleek looking modern simulator is sure to make your exhibition stand out from the rest, we can even supply a top gear style leader board to keep track of the fastest delegates on the slopes!