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It's a KnockoutIt's a Knockout

It’s a Knockout!!!

If you remember the It’s a Knockout programme, you will be fully aware of just how messy, but more importantly, just how much fun the events can be.

Our It’s a knockout events are tailor made to suit any requirements you may have and we have over 20 games for you to choose from. These include Chinese laundry, the Animal Run, Egg races, white water rafting and Watery Swamp.

Last One Standing Hire Outdoor

The Last One Standing is one of our newest inflatables, similar to the TV show Total Wipeout this game is always a big hit at outdoor Team Building events. 4 players from each team can take part at a time standing on one of the 8 numbered circles. The aim of the game is to jump over the spinning yellow inflatable arm which speeds up slows down and changes direction! The team with their player left as the last one standing has won and is declared the Total Wipeout Team Building champion.

School Sports DaySchool Sports Day

School Sports Day

Everyone`s favourite, Corporate School Sports Day.Here’s your chance to go back to your school days and compete in all the old favourites. If you didn’t get to participate in the egg and spoon race or the wheelbarrow race now is the time to do it. Or if you always came first and were the resident school hero, this is your opportunity to prove to yourself you’re not over the hill!

This event is a brilliant form of team building where fun and laughter are in abundance at corporate school sports days.

Soccer Darts Hire

Our Giant Inflatable Dart Board is truly something to behold standing at a whopping 15 ft high this outdoor activity will stand out on any event.