Inflatable Sports Arena Hire

The Inflatable sports arena is an electronic target based interactive play system, that can incorporate a number of sports from archery to rugby and many more.


Inflatable Sports Arena Hire

(Nerf, Archery Rugby, Tennis, Football & More)

LED lights light up in random order and  the player has 30 seconds to target as many as possible, each score is shown on the LED Display so high scores can be kept by our events assistant.


Football Shoot

From the penalty spot kick as many shots on target as you can in 60 seconds

Archery Shoot

Using foam ended arrows and a professional bow hit as many bulls-eyes as possible in 60 seconds.

Nerf Shootout

Armed with a soft shoot Nerf Gun shoot as many targets as possible in the 60 second time limit.


Spiral as many  Rugby Balls as you can on targets in 60 seconds.

And many more…


Hire this activity for

  • Activity Fun Days
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Family Fun days
  • Inflatable Team Building Days
  • Outdoor Events
  • Indoor Events