VX 720 Twin Virtual Reality Simulator Hire

Only available from Leisure Hire our twin seater virtual reality simulator is a motion based immersive experience. Two guests can enjoy the same journey simultaneously whilst being propelled into a virtual world. Unlike other simulator’s that are set on egg chairs, ours feature ice blue LED lighting and a smooth white finish on a custom moulded futuristic platform. Wow your guests at your next corporate event, exhibition stand or party with interactive entertainment that truly is one of a kind.


VX720 Twin Virtual Reality Simulator Hire

Step into a Virtual world

Only available from Leisure Hire our twin seater virtual reality simulator is a motion based immersive experience. Two guests can enjoy the same journey simultaneously whilst being propelled into a virtual world. Unlike other simulator’s that are set on egg chairs, ours feature ice blue LED lighting and a smooth white finish on a custom moulded futuristic platform. Wow your guests at your next corporate event, exhibition stand or party with interactive entertainment that truly is one of a kind.


The Experience

When you hire our virtual experience it is unlike any other, lots of corporate entertainment company’s provide virtual reality in the form of Oculus Rift, Htc Vive or Samsung gear. Unlike these home use headsets our simulator creates a real sense of immersion combining motion based movements and visual display.


Two Player Virtual Reality Hire

Virtual Reality has seen a rising use in the corporate entertainment market in recent years, with films such as ready player one and entertainment systems such as the PlayStation VR driving awareness forward. A VR system is a must have on any event needing the wow factor.


Roller Coaster

The Northern Lights

Jurassic Tour

Go Kart Drift

Gyro Swing

Sky Dive

Track Day

Flight Simulation

Shoot Out

Venice Gondola

Halloween Horror

Outer Space

Mine-cart Run

Bird Flight

And Many More…

The full list of VR experiences available –

Snow / Ski / Christmas:

Skiing – Experience a skiing trip

Sled Racing – Sit on the sled, quickly glide in the world of ice and snow

Snow Fight – Riding in snow mobiles, travel in the Antarctic ice and snow in the world, you see cute penguins, cold ice

Arctic Light – See the arctic lights

Santa’s Sleigh – Ride Santa’s sleigh through the snow with Santa Claus and Rudolph

Sekkoku shuttle – Travel the valley of Snow gleams on this roller coaster

Underwater / Sea:

Seabed – seabed creatures that you have never seen before at the bottom of the sea

Seaside – Adventures of the seabed, the stimulus, the unknown creatures

Submarine – Rapidly shuttle in the marine world, with a panoramic view of the sea

Sea pursuit – In the sea to start pursuit of the accumulation of war

Undersea – Dive deep under the sea to explore the unknown

Deep sea Echo – explore into the deep sea

The Underwater – Experience the ocean roller coaster taking you to travel the vast underwater world

Seabed – Explore the deep-sea bottom and explore different scenery


Dinosaur – Hunting in the dinosaur park (Dino safari)

Dinosaur Tour – Driving a car shuttle on the road with ancient dinosaurs

Jurassic Roller – Ride on a roller coaster to pass through Jurassic Park

Through the – Through the mysterious Dinosaur valley

Chalk trip – Back to the Cretaceous era, mysterious dinosaur bred here

Doctor of Horror – Giant creature that once dominated the world – dinosaurs

Amazon – Pass through the amazon jungle to see various kinds of dinosaurs

Last day of the – How did the dinosaur die out? Uncover the mystery

Dinosaur age – Travel back to Jurassic period, see the hegemony of the earth 200 million years ago


Starship Wars – Film about wars in starship

Lost in space – Humans immigrate to other planets due to environmental degradation on earth

Mars Landing – Landing on Mars to explore

Space Roaming – Roaming in the vast space by a spacecraft, feeling the vastness of the universe

Star Tour – Wearing space suits, from the space cabin slowly drifting into the depths of space, you feel the vastness of the universe

Looking for – Where is Pluto? Use VR to explore

Solar system – Explore the solar system including each planet

The Rocket – Ultra-Distance viewing DeltaV rocket launch

Through the – Boarded the spacecraft through the unknown universe

Space time – Crossing different places in orbit, you encounter all kinds of unknown things

Horror / Thriller:

Haunting – Haunted house

Devil Trip – First enter a confined room, suddenly the dolls will take you on a horror trip

Horrible Town – Strange town in a carriage, in the dark street

Cave Exploring – Play a treasure hunter to dangerous deserted cave, finding the treasure

Hunt Monsters – giant monsters appear in front of you, must try and escape or hunt??

Ghost – Snakes, thriller zombies, skeletons, flock of bats

Ghost Tunnel – Sleeping king of Millennium mummy wake up in the moment and with the power of the gem

Night – Originally belonging to the mysterious bloodstains in your room, then you find your room is connected to a fan of the snare

Castle ghost – A secret hidden in the abandoned subway line

Vampire – Escape journey, you must save the girl by defeating the evil mask

Zombies come – A big wave of zombies are coming to get you

A psycho – Graveyard adventure, scary and fear

Hell escape – Horrors of hell, chose to accept fight

Hell band – Run a concert in hell as a band of hell

Well at – Horror in Furui, screams and cold wind

Haunted House – Explore what is in the haunted house, unidentified objects, scared to death

Linggu Flowers – Mystery mansion, there has been a strange zombie, you tried to escape but found hordes of zombies have surrounded you

Zombieland – Horrifying journey through Zombieland on a mission with a mysterious phone

Liaozhai – Old house deep, ghost and heavy, ancient house full of sad with a cursed ghost

Eye of Terror – Bound in a wheelchair, in a dark chamber you will encounter a variety of supernatural events

Divergence – experience horror, scared and despair by this VR film

Haunted Old – Experience in an old, haunted house

Hell Music – Member of a hell band, what terrible things will you meet?

Hell Roller – Shuttle in the magnificent underground world, like being in hell

Fighting / Shooting:

Ruins Escape – obtaining the secrets of an organization, evading their pursuit, carrying out a war of escape in the ruins

The ground war – war with the underground Zerg

Ancient Hunters – Follow the ancient hunters to hunt in the snow world

A-10 – Shooting game, fighting in space

Pixel planet – Pilot John was transported to a pixel planet by an unknown alien spacecraft, planet is in war

The Pacific War – You will act as an aircraft Turret Gunner and shoot down enemy planes

Interplanetary – You fled from the city and people try hunt and kill you, you take the sword and fight back

X – – 1 – Transformed into the maintenance of justice and peace of the X-Men, driving a police patrol in Arsenal

Deadly War – Cruel War

Fairy Princess – Terrorist journey, fight the bloodcurdling creepy creature to save the princess

High Speed Drift – Sitting on the boat with funny gun shooting function

Snail Dash – Shooting VR Game with 3D cartoon style

Space War – Drive a spacecraft and fight for your own survival

Terminator – Future war, shooting and leading the war to fight for further world

Taishan – Trying to save Jane from the bad guys

Roller Coasters:

Hawk Roller – Roller coaster following the eagle trail, passing through mountains

Pipe Roller – Dark roller coaster, feel the maneuvers

Silent Roller – A roller coaster without sound

Indoor Roller – Roller coaster indoor a house

Rain Roller – Roller coaster on a rainy day

Hanging Roller – Roller coaster where you are hanging downwards

World Roller – Roller coaster to view and experience all the world’s historical sites

Wild Roller – Roller coaster from an amusement park

Roller coaster 2 – Roller coaster at the peak of the world

Track – The thrill of the track shuttle challenges your dynamic nerves

Canyon Roller – In the grand canyon sitting roller coaster shuttle, swinging and hitting through rocks

Roller Coaster – A roller coaster through the forest

City Tour – Roller coaster city tour

Gryo Swing – Roller coaster in 360-degree rotation

Real Roller – Spiral roller coaster, many twists, and turns

Castle Roller – Get on the roller coaster among castles, enjoy the charm of the ancient architecture

Cave Roller – Taking on the tube to experience from the mine to underground

Forest Roller – Shuttle in the jungle, leap in deep sea between fish

Mine roller – Ride on a rollercoaster inside a mine

Bridge roller – Beautiful views on this roller coaster

Forest Roller – Wandering in the jungle

Rock roller – Ride on a roller coaster surrounded by rocks

Through – Roller coaster through the city and the space

Roller Coaster – A roller coaster through the forest

Cave gallop – Race in the cave speedy, enjoy the pleasure of flying

Fantasy Roller – Fantasy, time and space, unrealistic fantasy

Car Racing:

Drift Exercise – Step on the throttle, soaring our youth on the track

Buick Cross – Driving in a Buick through the desert / sand

Drive angry – Violent speed may make you helpless, driving through dark city

Jedi – Driving a car on the track, feeling the speed

Motor Racing – Get on your refitted motor to pursue the speed limit on the asphalt track

Street Racing car – A car racing competition, evading the police pursuit

City / Travel / Explore:

City Leap – Follow the slide, leap in the city everywhere

Trip to Yunnan – A trip to Yunnan city

Paris Eiffel Tower – from far to near viewing the Eiffel tower

Travel to Venice – Travel around Venice in a gondola, feel the charm of the waters

Travelling to – Travelling around Italy

Green River – take the boat to enjoy the trip on the beautiful green river

Buckingham – Take a tour through Buckingham palace

The Bolshoi – Explore the most famous movie theatre in the world

Norway Time – Visit the mysterious and beautiful Norway

Dimensional – Jumping from one dimension to another, discovering unknown things

Alibaba treasure – Follow Alibaba to explore the mystery of the treasure on this coaster trail

Forest – Insects, green plants, enjoy the forest and relax


Pilot Flight – Flying in a pilot’s cockpit

Pattern Jump – parachuting

Birds and – Be like a bird, you will experience a crazy escape journey

Air force one – Driving aircraft, air force one, you blow up the enemy fighters of the mission

Speed leap – Flying in the sky with a rapid light, swinging up and down

Backpack – Soaring above the city on a jetpack, then you suddenly fall into the sewer system

Science / knowledge:

Refrigerator – ride on a rollercoaster inside a refrigerator

Revelation – Reveals how human beings are heading for destruction

Birth of a baby – How was life born? Let’s 360 degree to explore it

Oral Cavity – Inside a mouth to experience how to clean

Body Exploration – Explore inside the human body

Dr. Gravitation – How was gravity discovered?

Cartoon / Children:

Spotlight Story – Family story about father and daughter

Magic Bird – Sit on a huge cartoon bird revolving around a cartoon kingdom

Children’s – Children’s paradise, pure brilliant, a roller coaster to purify your mind

Shrek – Story of the film Shrek

Fevolution – Enter a world with many animals

Naughty – Plays as a naughty elephant with the nose to destroy everything

Dream – Cartoon like roller coaster explore and unlock this strange park

Magic – Cartoon world

Small Train – Ride the small train in a house

Bee Robot – A just broken shell and out of a baby turtle, you first see the world of the ocean

Wonderland – Enter the world with many different views, lights, and colors

Alien / Creatures:

Little Monster – Alien creatures come to earth

When the – In the cold and strange ice, you fight a mysterious creature

Flying centipede – Fighting a disgusting animal

Flies in the sky – Invading the dragons’ world, coaster through different places to reach your destination

The Calamity – trying to escape from the wild boa constrictor

Music / Fantasy:

Music Event – With the beat of the music, turned out of the dream-like scene

Fantasy Opera – Music and fantasy

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